Hydraulic breaker Soosahn T30

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Soosahn / Pro-X-T30


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Hydraulic breaker NEW, weight mit head plate appr. 310-320Kg, chisel diameter appr.70mm, Arbeitsdruck 120- 170bar, appr 90-110 L/min, Länge without chisel appr. 1250mm, Länge mit chisel appr 1800mm, hammer width appr. 360mm, hammer height (horizontally) 490mm, Bolzen diameter 50mm, spacing of holes zwischen head plate 200 - 210mm, spacing of holes center drilling to drilling appr. 310mm, severalfold vorhanden, for excavator up to 8to., the Price is netto. weight: - mit head plate appr. 310-320 kg measurements: - Länge without chisel appr. 1250mm - Länge mit chisel appr. 1800mm - hammer width appr. 360mm - hammer height (horizontally) appr. 490mm - chisel diameter appr.70mm - Bolzen diameter appr. 50mm - spacing of holes zwischen head plate appr. 200 - 210mm - spacing of holes center drilling to drilling appr. 310mm technical data: - Arbeitsdruck 120- 170 bar - appr. 90-110 L/min
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