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Morooka / MST 1100


MST 1100
Artikel-Nr.: 12451 This machine has a new owner. But no problem: Below you can find similar machines we have in stock.
track carrier - crawler dumper Morooka MST 1100 Gewicht: machine weight 6300 kg Max. vehicle payload 5000 kg Maße: total length 4875 mm total width 2400 mm total height 2300 mm rubber track width 700 mm dump body b x L x H = 2100 x 2850 x 350 Motor: Mitsubishi 4-cylinder water-cooled performance 132 PS/ 2500 rpm 24 V / 15 a Daten: speed 0-10 km/h Steigfähigkeit 35% ground pressure 0.12 kg/cm² (without Ladung) ground clearance 440 mm dump body tipping angle 58° cab CE-marking manual instruction + spare parts book low-priced Morooka used machinery to buy how diesen Morooka MST1100 crawler dumper. Dieser Morooka MST 1100 hat one Komatsu diesel engine mit appr 130PS. the Gummiketten of the used Morooka crawler dumper have a width of appr. 700 mm. low-priced used Morooka dump body MST1100 and MST1500 hie in ITO used machinery marketplace.
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    Armeefahrzeuge gebraucht
  • Dumper%20sur%20chenilles%20Hitachi%20Komatsu.jpg
    Dumper sur chenilles Hitachi Komatsu
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    Ersatzteile Morooka Parts for sale
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    Gummiketten Morooka dumper tracks rubber
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    Hand Baumaschinen Schweiz Morooka
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    Hydraulikpumpe Morooka Dumper parts
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    Kettendumper Morooka zu verkaufen
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    Kubota Dumper gebraucht canycom
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    Kuhn Baumaschinen
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    Morooka 3500LTX Dumper used
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    Morooka Deutschland importeur
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    Morooka France occasion Dumper sur chenilles
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    Morooka Germany dealer Händler
  • Morooka%20Kabine%20Hitachi%20CG45%20Dumper.jpg
    Morooka Kabine Hitachi CG45 Dumper
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    Morooka MST1100 gebrauchte Dumper
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    Morooka MST1500VD gebraucht
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    Morooka MST2200VD gebraucht
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    Morooka MST700 used carrier
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    Morooka occasion MST1100
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    Morooka USA track carrier
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    occasion Dumper sur chenilles Yanmar
  • Raupendumper%20Miete%20verleih%20Minibagger.jpg
    Raupendumper Miete verleih Minibagger
  • Sprocket%20Morooka%20dumper.jpg
    Sprocket Morooka dumper
  • Yanmar%20Minidumper.jpg
    Yanmar Minidumper
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