Lime cement spreaders Morooka MST 1100 track carrier rubber track carrier

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Morooka / MST 1100


MST 1100
Artikel-Nr.: 12105 This machine has a new owner. But no problem: Below you can find similar machines we have in stock.
Morooka MST1100 mit Lime cement spreaders NEW rubber track carrier mit Lime cement spreaders lower ground pressure Lime cement spreaders Verticom 5000 mit Föderband case appr 4,5 cbm Volume control hydraulic belt conveyor screw-conveyor Geschlossene dump body leicht abnehmbare Schnellkupplungen lower ground pressure sehr wendig - Antrieb hydraulic weight appr. 11000 kg vehicle payload max. 5000 kg Komatsu diesel engine 6 cylinder performance 130 PS speed max. 14 km/h Sehr good condition more used used machinery crawler dumper Lime cement spreaders track carrier dump truck used rubber track carrier Stabilistoren Soil stabilizer Stabilisationsfräsen cable plow rock trencher trench cutting machine and low-priced used machinery Lime cement spreaders verschiedener Manufacture.
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    Brukt Maskiner Morooka
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    Hanix Hitachi Komatsu Morooka
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    Morooka Händler
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    Raupendumper Gummiketten
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