used crawler dumper Morooka MST2000

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Morooka / MST 2000


MST 2000
Artikel-Nr.: 12485 This machine has a new owner. But no problem: Below you can find similar machines we have in stock.
crawler dumper used - Morooka MST2000 used rubber track carrier weight: 11700 kg measurements: total length appr. 5430 mm total width appr. 2700 mm total height appr.2500 mm Gummiketten width 800 mm Spurbreite appr. 1900mm engine: Komatsu diesel engine water cooling engine 233PS 2600U/min data: starter 24volt hydraulic pump pressure appr. 165 bar brake pressure appr. 9,5 bar 2 hydraulic-Dump cylinder double action Kolbenstange appr. 70 mm turning radius min. 2,8 meter ground pressure appr. 140 g/cm² tipping angle appr. 58° Steigfähigkeit appr. 35° condition travelling gear: track left appr. 90 % Sprocket left appr. 80 % track roller left appr. 80 - 90 % track right appr. 90 % Sprocket right appr. 90 % track roller right appr. 90 % equipment: rubber track Canopy dump body Sitz NEW CE-marking manual instruction in Deutsch spare parts book Sehr good technischer condition more used machinery used: used machinery dumper video eines Morooka MST 2000 in Mieteinsatz any big Baustelle. Diese crawler dumper video zeigt a used Baumaschine dumper mit 800 mm breiten Gummiketten. it is not the of us in Baumaschineninserat angebotene Tracked-Dumper.
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    1 Morooka MST2000
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    Baumaschinen bilder
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    brugt morooka
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    brugte morooka dumpere
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    Brukt Morooka
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    Dumper Bilder
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    Dumper sur chenilles
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    Ersatzteile Morooka
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    gebrauchte Baumaschinen
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    gebrauchte Kettendumper
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    Hitachi CG45
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    Hitachi CG70
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    Hitachi Kettendumper
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    Komatsu Dumper
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    Koparki Komatsu
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    Laufrolle Morooka
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    Miete Morooka Miete
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    Miete Raupendumper
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    Mitsubishi LD1000
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    Mitsubishi Raupentransporter
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    Morooka Dumper
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    Morooka Gummiketten
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    Morooka Hitachi
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    Morooka MST2200VD
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    Morooka Sprocket
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    Morooka tracked dumper
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    Morooka UK
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    Morooka USA
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    Muldenkipper Miete
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    Raupendumper gebraucht
  • raupendumper%20Miete.jpg
    raupendumper Miete
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    raupendumper zuverkaufen
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    ritchie bros auctioneer
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    Teile Mitsubishi LD1000
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    used Morooka
  • used%20track%20carrier.jpg
    used track carrier
  • Yanmar%20Kettendumper.jpg
    Yanmar Kettendumper
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