track carrier used Morooka MST1100

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Morooka / MST1100


Artikel-Nr.: 12567 This machine has a new owner. But no problem: Below you can find similar machines we have in stock.
crawler dumper used Morooka MST1100 Gummiketten CE marking manual instruction spare parts book Gummiketten 700mm dump body Canopy Antrieb: hydraulic engine: Komatsu S6d95L turbo cylinder 6 performance 132PS / 2500/Umin starter 24 volt 5,5KW alternator 24V / 15a type of drive hydraulic main pump 51,6 ccm³ long 4875mm width 2400mm height 2300mm chain contact pattern 1700 mm track width 700mm Muldenbreite 2100mm dump body height 350mm ground clearance 440mm more used used machinery : rubber track carrier tunneling dumper tunnel loader excavator used crawler dumper track carrier used dump truck all terrain carrier
  • 1%20Morooka%20MST1100.JPG
    1 Morooka MST1100
  • baumaschinen%20gebraucht.JPG
    baumaschinen gebraucht
  • Dumper%20Verleih.JPG
    Dumper Verleih
  • gebrauchte%20Baumaschinen.JPG
    gebrauchte Baumaschinen
  • gebrauchte%20Dumper.JPG
    gebrauchte Dumper
  • Hanix%20Dumper%20RT800.JPG
    Hanix Dumper RT800
  • Hitachi%20Dumper.JPG
    Hitachi Dumper
  • Komatsu%20Motor%20gebraucht.JPG
    Komatsu Motor gebraucht
  • Morooka%20Gummiketten.JPG
    Morooka Gummiketten
  • Morooka%20hire.JPG
    Morooka hire
  • Morooka%20Muldenkipper.JPG
    Morooka Muldenkipper
  • Morooka%20Pumpe.JPG
    Morooka Pumpe
  • Morooka%20Raupendumper.JPG
    Morooka Raupendumper
  • Morooka%20UK.JPG
    Morooka UK
  • Morooka%20USA.JPG
    Morooka USA
  • Occasion%20Morooka.JPG
    Occasion Morooka
  • Raupendumper%20Miete.JPG
    Raupendumper Miete
  • Track%20dumper%20hire.JPG
    Track dumper hire
  • used%20track%20carrier.JPG
    used track carrier
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