used Rammax Trench Compactor type RX1510

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Rammax / 1510


Artikel-Nr.: 14999 This machine has a new owner. But no problem: Below you can find similar machines we have in stock.
used roller Trench Compactor Rammax 1510 Viper - year of construction (model) 2009 low-priced to buy or hire. weight: operating weight 1470/1530 kg dynamic load per unit length 58/46 kg Statische load per unit length 12/9 kg Dimensions: working width 630/850 mm machine length 1844 mm Maschinenhöhe 1160 mm engine: Lombardini Modell LDW 1003 Treibstoffart diesel performance 16.8 kW / 22.9 PS at 3000 U/min 3 cylinder water-cooled type of drive hydrostatic Vibrationssystem: centrifugal force 73/36 kN amplitude 1.5/0.8 mm frequency 41 Hz type of drive hydrostatic Fahreigenschaften: Lenkungsart articulated steering working speed 0-16 m/min Eilganggeschwindigkeit 0-38 m/min Steigfähigkeit m/o vibration 50/60 % low-priced heavy equipment rental of used and new used machinery how Rammax or Wacker trench compactors. Rammax hire or Trench Compactor hire ales kein Thema fragen Sie ihre wish Trench Compactor per fax an we werden ihnen a offer über the up angebotene Rammax 1510 Viper zukommen lassen. In our Baumaschineninserate find Sie viel used Rammax trench compactors ob RW1504 , RW1404, RW1503 or the Rammax RX1510 Viper for every the correct Machine. Rammax prices , trench compactors prices sin immer mit in advertisement.
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