Dozers or bulldozers are essentially crawler tractors with an attached dozer blade. By far, dozers are the most commonly known pieces of heavy equipment after excavators. The advantage of the crawler undercarriage is that it exerts a lower ground pressure as the weight is spread on a larger area making it the right choice for more sensitive surfaces. Furthermore, a machine with tracks can drive on rough terrains and humid grounds like mud where as wheeled vehicle would get stuck sooner or later.

Just like crawler carriers (click here for those), dozers are capable of climbing steep inclinations also due to their weight being spread on more surface serving providing for better traction.

Like most construction vehicles, dozers can be equipped with a large amount of different attachments which results in a high usability. As stated before, equipped with a dozer blade which hydraulically driven, bulldozers are mostly used to push large amounts soil or rubble as well as for compaction. The majority of dozers are also equipped with a ripper used to loosen ground which is later pushed aside by the blade.

Oftentimes, the word bulldozer is synonymously used for a variety of heavy equipment, like excavators or loader. In this sense, we also mean it on ITO as machines like tracked loaders and pipelayers also fall into our category of dozers.

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