Soil stabilizers save money in road construction... 
...we save you money with our soil stabilizer offers

Soil stabilization is the economic way to execute soil exchange in road construction jobs. Oftentimes, streets get bad to due heavier vehicles, lack of maintainance or simply more traffic. Grounds that endure this situation can be stabilized by using these innovative pieces of equipment, the soil stabilizers.

The soil increases its load-carrying abilities and becomes more durable by mixing in materials like lime – quicklime and hydrated lime that is - or cement. This is achieved by the soil stabilizer's milling and mixing drum which blends the existing material with the stabilizing agent that has been spread on the ground before, for example by a lime spreader, as well as water at the right ratio in order to create a lasting surface. At times, a road pavement mill first cuts off the oftentimes hard surface. Nowadays, most road reclaimers, as they are also called, already have the necessary carbide tips to do this job themselves. 

Furthermore, the road recycling is a very enviromental-friendly was of restoring roads as no new construction materials are needed besides lime and water. 

The market-leading and most innovative driver in the field of soil stabilization and cold recycling is Wirtgen from Germany. The Wirtgen group furthermore incorporates Vögele, Hamm and Kleemann. But also Caterpillar, Bomag, Dynapac and formerely Bitelli (now also Caterpillar) are offering several soil stabilizers. The Hamm Raco series has been fully transferred to the Wirtgen product line.

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