Hydraulic breaker type GT160 used used machinery

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Giant / GT160


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Hydraulic breaker type GT 160 - NEW Baujahr new item unused Gewicht: 2600 kg long 2710 mm Arbeitsdruck 165-185 kg/cm² oil flow 180-250 L/min gas pressure appr. 8-12bar Schlagenergie 250 - 650 pro Minute chisel diameter appr. 155mm connection minimum 1 1/4\" inch suitable for Trägergerät 28 - 45 to each by arm length and machine spare parts book CE - marking manual instruction in ( Englisch )
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    1-Hammer GT1600 neu
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    10-Hammer GT1600 neu
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    12-Hammer GT1600 neu
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    14-Hammer GT1600 neu
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    16-Hammer GT1600 neu
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    18-Hammer GT1600 neu
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    3-Hammer GT1600 neu
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    4-Hammer GT1600 neu
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    7-Hammer GT1600 neu