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Hitachi / EX75UR


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Mini excavator zero swing excavator Hitachi EX75UR - used (used digger), Ersteinsatz Gewicht: operating weight 7600kg Maße: transport dimensions: - height 2730mm - width 2300mm - long 6010mm track width 450mm Max. digging deep 4250mm Schaufelbreite 650mm Motor: Nissan a-BD30 diesel performance 40,5kW speed of rotation 2000 U/min piston displacement 2953 cm Technische data: rotational speed 12,0 U/min speed 3,4 km/h holding capacity Schaufel 0,28 m Ausstattung: Gummiketten Schild cab zero swing excavator adjustment arm more used used machinery, Mini excavator, used minidigger, diger for sale, Hitachi Carrier, Hitachi dumper used, Gummiketten hydraulic excavator, mobile excavator, trench compactors, construction machinery used, hydraulic excavator, mobile excavator, midi excavator mit CE- marking find SIE under Brukte maskiner Kobelco, Brukte anlegg gravemaskiner Komatsu, brukt Gravemaskin Komatsu Kobelco, brukte minigraver maskiner ABS Takeuchi, Brugte maskiner Minigraver, Gebrauchte Mini excavator Komatsu, used miniexcavator, mini Pelle occasion, used mini digger for sales, Pelle sur chenilles, Minibagger,Komatsu, Hitachi, Kobelco Sonderpreis netto ART.-No.:
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