Used Excavators for sale at ITO Germany - reliable machinery expertise for 20+ years 

If you landed on our website while searching for excavators for sale, you are in the right spot. ITO heavy equipment has a wide range of used construction equipment which is for sale wordwide. Our offer includes diggers from most renowned manufacturers such as Komatsu, Caterpillar or Liebherr, but also excavators that are really slept on by the masses yet satisfying all your needs when it comes to excavation and earth-moving.

Types of excavators ITO offers for sale

1. Hydraulic excavators

To be precise: 99% of all excavators are hydraulic excavators as this is state-of-art. Though, when talking about a hydraulic one, mostly a crawler excavator is meant by it. And that's is our main area of expertise: crawler excavators as well as tracked vehicles in general. We have mini excavators on tracks starting at 1000 kg as well as 50 ton machines on a regular basis. Anyone who looks for a hydraulic excavator, knows where they excel: rough terrains. And those are by no means seldomn at constrcution sites. In the sales of excavators on tracks, we advise you to pay attention to the quality and condition of the tracks as they are rather expensive when damaged. At ITO, you can be assured that our information on the condition is on point. 

2. Mini excavators

Probably the most sought after type of digger worldwide as it is popular with end consumers and business customers alike. Their small dimensions and weight between 1 ton and 8 ton, make them easy-to-transport. Oftentimes also equipped with a blade, these small excavators regularly also face other tasks than digging holes, i.e. snow shoveling or pushing aside construction waste or excavation. Popular mini excavator brands are Kubota, Yanmar or Caterpillar. But actually pretty much all heavy equipment manufacturers offer machines in this field due to mini excavators always finding a ready market. 

3. Wheeled excavators

Long ago are the times when excavators had to be mounted on trucks in order to have a mobile excavators. Nowadays, these excavators pace fast with up to 30 km/h even allowing them to drive on public streets when the operating license is granted. Wheeled excavators are of interest when - who would have guess - high mobility is demanded at the construction site. In order to suit different grounds, the tyres for the mobile diggers are available in different traction patterns. The disadvantage compared to crawlers is being not as stable and not really able to move through mud. 

4. Midi excavators

This type of excavator ranges between 8 and 15 tons of operating weight. Besides that, a midi excavator can be a crawler or a wheeled excavator and aforementioned information applies. 

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