Boom lifts, also known as Cherry pickers substitute wings and let you reach far up

The basket cranes are more formally named aerial work platforms. Their initial use in orchards coined them cherry picker as the fare more popular and pretty graphic description of these man lifts. Oftentimes, telescopic boom lifts are to be found on trucks. But also the self-propelled models are highly popular, not only at construction sites. Whether it's the municipal gardeners, the technicians fixing and maintaining the power poles as well as do-it-yourselfers decorating their rooftop with Christmas lights or fixing the facade – boom lifts can be seen pretty much everywhere.

You can classify boom lifts in two categories: articulated boom lifts and straight boom lifts. The difference is self-explanatory. The majority prefers articulated boom lifts, as they can maneuver around obstacles such as trees making them more adaptive to variable circumstances at work sites. Furthermore, most boom lifts offer a 360 degrees rotation of the crane which can be operated from controls installed on the basket.

The reach of boom lifts varies. Most brands start out with platform height of 10 meters. Bigger models provide a work height of more than 50 meters so the worker needs to make sure he is free of giddiness. The average lifting of capacity a telescopic boom lift is around 200 kg and more. Enough for the average worker and his tools and a few beers. 

Among the more popular manufacturers of boom lifts are Genie, Haulotte, JLG, Skyjack and Manitou. We regularly have boom lifts for sale from all of these brands for cheap prices. 

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