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technical data Rammax RW1504 roller:

Gewicht: operating weight appr. 1440kg /1480kg

Maße: long 1775 mm roller drum width 850 mm height appr. 1220 mm

Motor: engine Hatz type 2g40 2 cylinder - Hatz-diesel performance 13,4 kW (18,5PS) tank capacity fuel 22 Liter

Allgemeine data: Statische load per unit length 11,4 Kg/cm² or 8,7 kg/cm² each by roller drum dynamic load per unit length 65 or 48 kg/cm² type of drive hydrostatic centrifugal force 82kN amplitude 2,2 mm frequency 50 Hz hydraulic oil 60 Liter working speed 0-16 m/min Eilgang 0-35 m/min Steigfähigkeit mit vibration 45% without 55%

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