Trench compactors – soil compaction at its best

Trench compactors have a long-standing history when it comes to effectively compact backfill and other soil. Similar to vibratory plates, trench compactors use their own weight and vibration in order to achieve efficient compaction.

The compaction depth of a trench compactor goes up to 800 mm, naturally depending on the material. As the name says it, a trench compactor was generally meant to be used in trenches which happen to be quite steep at times. For a trench compactor like the Rammax 1510, this is not a problem at all: it climbs up to 45% while vibrating. A task that is rather hard to handle for a vibratory plate.

Furthermore, trench compactors – also resulting from their regular weight of more than 1000 kg – have a higher centrifugal force than the plates.

Another advantage is that many trench compactors models come with an optional remote control allowing the operator to stay out hazardous work environments and make it possible to work in narrower trenches.

Steering is one aspect you have to pay attention to when it comes to trench compactors. Mostly not articulated steering results in more pressure and hardship for the soil when the this soil compactor needs to be steered in another direction. In order to solve this, most manufcatureres also offer trench compactors with articulated steering, e.g. Wacker RT82 or Rammax 1510 viper. 

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