track carrier used Yanmar c60R rubber track carrier

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Yanmar / C 60R


C 60R
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Gebrauchter track carrier Yanmar c60R Gummiketten rubber track carrier Schlammtransport Gewicht: machine weight appr. 6000kg Maße: Transportlänge 4745 mm machines width 2400mm Maschinenhöhe 2580mm ground clearance 465mm Muldenbreite 2100mm Muldenlänge 3025 mm Gummiketten 600 mm Motor:: Yanmar turbo diesel 4 cylinder performance PS 130 - 2600 u/min speed appr 10 -12 km/h Allgemeine data: tipping angle 60° Gummiketten Canopy CE-marking manual instruction in Deutsch spare parts book more used used machinery : mini dumper Raupendumpergebrauchte dump truck Hitachi Morooka used Komatsu used machinery Mini excavator wheel loader used to sell ground transport Haddick rubber track carrier tunnel dumper rubber track carrier hire excavator mattresses
  • 1%20Yanmar%20C50%20R%20dumper.JPG
    1 Yanmar C50 R dumper
  • dumper%20sur%20chenilles%20yanmar.JPG
    dumper sur chenilles yanmar
  • gebrauchte%20raupendumper.JPG
    gebrauchte raupendumper
  • Hitachi%20Raupendumper.JPG
    Hitachi Raupendumper
  • Kettendumper%20yanmar.JPG
    Kettendumper yanmar
  • mini%20dumper%20yanmar.JPG
    mini dumper yanmar
  • Raupendumper%20yanmar.JPG
    Raupendumper yanmar
  • Takeuchi%20Dumper%20gebraucht.JPG
    Takeuchi Dumper gebraucht
  • Takeuchi%20Dumper.JPG
    Takeuchi Dumper
  • Takeuchi%20Kettendumper.JPG
    Takeuchi Kettendumper
  • Takeuchi%20Raupendumper.JPG
    Takeuchi Raupendumper
  • Takeuchi%20Raupentransporter.JPG
    Takeuchi Raupentransporter
  • Takeuchi%20TCR50.JPG
    Takeuchi TCR50
  • used%20Takeuchi%20dumper.JPG
    used Takeuchi dumper
  • Yanmar%20C60R.JPG
    Yanmar C60R
  • Yanmar%20Raupentransporter.JPG
    Yanmar Raupentransporter
  • yanmar%20rubber%20tracked%20carrier.JPG
    yanmar rubber tracked carrier
  • yanmar%20rubber%20tracked%20dumper.JPG
    yanmar rubber tracked dumper
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