In heavy equipment, dumpers are trucks with a dump body mounted on them. Mostly with rear tipping, dumpers are mainly used for the hauling of soil or other materials on construction sites. The dump bodies which are operated hydraulically vary enormously in size. Whereas so-called mini dumpers may just be some motorized wheelbarrows (in Germany also called „motorized Japanese") handling payload of a few hundred kilograms up to 2-3 tons there are also monstrous models available like the Komatsu 930E with payloads of 290 tons and in between one can find any variation.

Instead of talking about the different payload capacities, we focus on the different types of dumpers and their field of use, from small to large machines.

Mini dumper
As mentioned before, those range from wheelbarrows with engines either with tracks or on rubber tires to mobile mini dumpers that handle payloads of up to 6 tons, for example the PT / PS6000 series by Benford Terex. While former are facilitating work at small construction sites or handymans at home, the latter serve as transportation vehicles with maximum mobility and maneuverability, crowned with swivel dump bodies in the PS series.

Tracked dumpers
When worst comes to worst, a tracked dumper comes first. That is off-road works with paths impassable for most tire dumpers. For more information on tracked dumpers, read on here.

Dump trucks
They need to be separated in two categories – dump trucks with articulated steering and with rigid truck chassis. Whereas standard dump trucks use rack-and-pinion steering, the articulated dump trucks are steered with the artic hinge steering system where the cabin and the dump trailer are connected by hydraulic rams, i.e. a oscillating hitch making them highly adaptive and able to drive on muddy and stoney grounds as the front and rear can move independently from one another. Furthermore, the ADT can handle larger payloads than a conventional axle-based dump truck. So it is save to say: in case of many off-road jobs, an articulated dump truck is to be preferred when it comes to large payloads.


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