Mini dumper – maximum payload on maneuverable machines

Most people think of a mini dumper as those small wheelbarrows with an engine first to be seen in Japan and nowadays popularized by Muck Truck. While those small motorized helpers are certainly nice to have, we at ITO speak of mini dumpers that can be driven, carrying up to 6 tons of payload, used at real construction sites.

Such a mini dumper for example is the Benford Terex PS 6000. It provides you with a swivel skip – opposing to Benford PT6000 mini dumper with front tipping -, articulated steering, traction control in some models and more features. Other minidumper manufacturers also offer neat small dumper models, for example Thwaites, Volvo, Neuson, Canycom or Yanmar. The mentioned minidumper by Benford Terex is wheeled.

But you can also find a variety of models with rubber tracks enabling the minidumper to maneuver about any terrain. But tracked mini dumpers are rather rare. 

50 listings available.